Thursday, June 4, 2009


Picture: Iceberg

You've never heard of the icebergs in Israel?!? Me either. That's because there aren't any. This is just my visual representation of what I've been doing on this blog. I've used this illustration before in regard to people (with credit to Larry Crabb).... there's always a lot more under the surface than what you see above the water. In fact there's a Proverb that says "A man's heart is deep waters....." But that's not what I'm writing about. Some of you may think I've been writing a lot of blogs, but believe me, I'm only skimming the surface. I could write for hours and hours and hours on all I've seen and experienced. This little bit of writing is part of what I'm doing to remember some things from the trip and it's really been a lot of fun, just kind of letting my mind freeflow from what I've seen. Of course, freeflow for a former undergraduate engineering major just means throwing in a goofy line or two every once in a while. I'll be home soon, and maybe I will write some on the blog back in the states, but it's harder there because I have deadlines to keep, meetings to attend, and ministry to do.
To all of you who are old friends, new friends, and family: Thanks for reading.

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