Sunday, May 24, 2009

22 little things

Picture: Jerusalem looking east from the Mount of Olives

  1. In Hebrew “Bethlehem” is spelled with two words, “Beit – Lechem” (House of Bread).

  2. I'm glad I didn't pay a taxi driver to take a visit to Bethlehem (The taxi drivers are very aggressive and when you are walking on the streets they yell out the window or stop you on the sidewalk and ask if they can take you to Bethlehem). The class trip wasn't worth it, and was the most disappointing place I've been.

  3. Out in the agricultural areas I've seen chickens, goats, sheep, peacocks, burros, camels, but no pigs. Think about it.

  4. The largest coin by size and weight is ½ argorot, with a beautiful picture of a harp on the back and a big ½ on the front side. It's worth about 12 cents.

  5. The Palestinians have the cutest children under 5 years old with their brown skin and dark eyes.

  6. The Orthodox Jews have the most unusual looking teenage boys, all dressed up in their long black suits, and the beginning of their curls on the sides of their heads.

  7. Some of the girls in the Israeli army would do better in a sorority and should definitely NOT be carrying a gun.

  8. They take their politics very seriously over here.

  9. There is a lot, a lot, did I say a lot of tension between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

  10. I'm not sure which is more annoying, the daily Islamic call to prayer over loud loudspeakers broadcast over the whole city or the Israeli youth singing Jewish songs at 2 am outside my window, the Sound and Light show across the street that goes on until very late every other night, the big iron door that slams and shakes our whole building, or the inconsiderate people who talk loudly out in the hallway late at night. There. I got that off of my chest.

  11. There are a lot of priests and nuns in black or brown robes running around the streets, either serving in the various churches or touring the sites.

  12. The best music I've heard here was the Master's College Chorale singing at a concert in Christ Church.

  13. The best museum I've been to was the Bible Land's Museum which displays various artifacts from every era and country mentioned in the Old Testament.

  14. The best food I've eaten was a pasta dish with bacon bits sprinkled in it (not a kosher restaurant!).

  15. The best coffee I've had is actually the hotel coffee at breakfast.

  16. I'm still doing my laundry in the bathtub with shampoo because it's easier than hauling it all somewhere.

  17. I sometimes eat an ice cream bar for my meal BECAUSE I CAN.

  18. I'm having fun and learning lots, but I do miss not having Kathleen with me.

  19. If Kathleen were here she could, and would, correct my grammar. And I would like it, really!

  20. Since I'm auditing the class I'm really glad that I don't have to take the exam this morning.

  21. The most meaningful times I've had in Jerusalem have been times of worship and reflecting on the Word of God because the Lord created us to worship him and to be in community with Him and his people, not to just look at rocks, though the rocks are interesting.

  22. God is everywhere, but the Lord is in Jerusalem in a special way because this is the place where he has most chosen to display His glory.


  1. Thanks for the interesting facts, Tom. I hung out with Kathleen at the Brenton Arboretum last night, its definately a place she wants to go with you when you get back. We just hung out and watched the sunset, it was nice. I can't believe you will be back in a week, your time there has went fast.