Saturday, May 23, 2009


One of the places we visited today was "The Herodium", a combination palace and fortress for King Herod the Great. I may write more about it some time. For now, this picture is just for fun. Our class is composed of people of all ages: college students, seminary students preparing for pastoral ministry, young couples, and a variety of older middle age folks, most of whom are involved in pastoral ministry. There were several ancient pillars standing at the fortress as you can see in the picture. Some of the young college guys (and one gal) climbed up on the pillars and stood there for a picture. This kind of opportunity doesn't come along every day, so without thinking about it too long I climbed up the side of a pillar about 8 feet high, and the one I was standing on was about the second highest there in the courtyard. I'm the guy in the white shirt (look closely at the old guy hat). I scraped my belly a little bit on the way down, but I think the pillar got the worst of it, and I afterward I did feel bad about standing on an ancient irreplaceable piece of history. But not for too long... Herod deserved it.

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  1. I didn't know you had such good balance Pastor Tom, fun picture!!!